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Mike Morris is a energetic, innovative physical education teacher for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. His passion includes creating new and innovative physical education activities, collaborating with content area teachers to find ways to best teach struggling students through movement, and sharing ideas with others at educational conferences across the United States and via twitter @Mikemorrispe. Mike has engaged the community with collaborative field day activities, created and coached basketball teams, coordinated and coached various camps for disadvantaged students, and has engaged students and community with fundraising activities for charitable and health based organizations.  This varied experience led to Mike being named an OPEN national Trainer in July 2019.   


As a testament to his commitment to education, in his nine years of teaching, Mike has respectively earned both First Year Teacher of the Year for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and Teacher of the Year for both of the schools he services each week.  He has also been named WRAL’s Teacher of the Week


Mike was prepared and licensed for his craft at Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  

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