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Brain Boosts...

Brain Boosts allow children the opportunity to mentally rest their brain in the classroom by diverting their mind into movements.  Below are some of my students favorite brain boost videos for grades K-2.  

Ways To Walk...

This presentation features 44 different ways to walk and can be used as an effective way to get students up and moving in your classroom.  The video used to create this presentation was created by Kevin Parry (@kevinbparry). The presentation was altered for use of students by Kevin Tiller (@physedreview).

Lets Get Physical: Move their Bodies, Grow their Brains!

This handout provides elementary teachers with developmentally appropriate content that is designed to incorporate movement, physical skill development, and academic content.  Why?  Because there is extensive research that shows that students learn better when they are moving! Click the link above for ample movement activities and ideas that can be implemented right away to engage students with what they are learning, review content, assess student learning, and most importantly get students moving!

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