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Homophone Fitness

Students can work with partners or in small groups. On the teachers signal, one student in each group will retrieve a Homophone Fitness sheet.  They will then take the sheet back to their group and choose the correct homophone that completes each sentence on the sheet to decide which exercise to perform.  For 3 to 5 minutes, each group will try to complete as many sheets as they can. When they finish with one sheet, they exchange it for another.

Spin the Pin Tag
Spin the Pin.png
Spin the Pin Fitness
Spin the Pin.png
Spin the Pin Fitness.png

This activity was created by Kevin Tiller (@Physedreview) & Casey Kathleen (@MsBarclayPE)

Equipment Needed: Hula Hoops, Bowling Pins, 6 different color dome cones per hoop, spin the Pin Fitness sheets. 

Activity description:  Divide students into groups of 3-5.  Each group will need a hula hoop, 1 bowling pin, and 6 dome cones of different colors.  The dome comes will be spread out surrounding the hoop.  On the teachers signal, one student will spin the pin.  When the pin stops completely, whatever color dome cone it is pointing will determine the exercise students will have to perform according to the Spin the Pin Fitness Sheet.  The student will then spin again to determine how long the group must complete the exercise.  When finished, the next student in the group will spin the pin to determine the next exercise. 


Variations:  Project the exercises on with a projector using gifs, or Place exercise cards around the hoop instead of dome cones. 

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